13 signs that your partner cheats


Maybe all the time you pass through these obvious signs, but it is time to show that you smelled adultery.

Nobody wants to be betrayed. Infidelity can destroy confidence and disrupt the confidence of the person who is betrayed. Infidelity is remarkable and there are many signs that point to him, but perhaps instantaneously through some of them as we pass not to notice. If you are unsure if your partner cheats, or imagine, check out these signs.

  1. The attack is the best defense. I blame you that you cheat it.
  2. I accuse you of anything, because it feels less guilty.
  3. Hides the phone when you are together, and his mood improved when looking at the phone.
  4. Check your phone messages, and you panic if you do the same.
  5. Suddenly there are more obligations, especially the weekend or at night, so you can so often to see.
  6. The mood is changing – at a time is in love with you, and in another moment it terribly frustrated.
  7. Buy new lingerie or sexy clothing, pays more attention to their appearance, changing hairstyle or self-care more than before.
  8. Often work late, there are more business lunches, does not appear on the phone with the usual speed.
  9. Mechanical and without tenderness exchanged feelings with you.
  10. When you ask where he was, responds too narrowly.
  11. There is always someone who knows that your partner cheats on you. Note that the behavior of his good friends to you has changed.
  12. If the person leaves the home and spends time with you become a person who constantly goes out without you, something is not as it should.
  13. When you mention infidelity, concerns offended that ever doubt him / her.
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