5 funniest reasons why someone might fall in love with you

There are several psychological explanations why they fall in love in certain individuals.Specifically, in other words, why someone might fall in love with you. Here’s what the scientists say.

common interests

Research shows that people easily fall in love with the people who share common interests, but also those who have approximately the same years.

Similarity with parents

Numerous studies have shown that people easily fall in love in people who resemble their parents of the opposite sex.


If you live near a person that you like, it is likely that your relationship will turn into something more. It is for practical reasons. Specifically, the more you see, the easier and faster you will learn.

Smile and optimism

Nobody likes people who are always in a bad mood and pessimistic, so no wonder sympathy can fall in love with your smile. Your smile is one of the ways to increase its appeal. Also, studies show that optimistic people tend to attract more people. It makes sense, right?


Everybody is clear that the best way to fall in love with someone is the first well to know. It confirmed research in which they were selected pairs of total strangers who’ve asked 36 questions in 45 minutes. The results showed that people can develop an intimate relationship with almost anyone, if enough effort.


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