9 lifestyle tricks to simplify everyday

We made another collection of tricks, tips and advice for everyday life, which we hope will facilitate and simplify everyday. Follow the list below to find out how quickly to isushtite clothes to increase the volume of the mobile phone, to destroy the bad flavor in your shoes and more.


Bad flavor shoes

To destroy the bad flavor in your shoes, put a tea bag percent overnight in them. If wet inside, put a little baking soda and rice in it.

Reproduction of roses with potato

If you broke a twig from a rose before planting it, rather than leave it in water, inject it into a living potatoes. This will give the stalk moisture and nutrients that will then enable them to develop strong roots when planting it in the ground.



Potato chips is not only good for eating, but for instigating fire. Grease and chemicals into the chips makes excellent material for instigating fire.


Faster drying clothes

If you want to quickly dry a garment, put it in a towel and wrap it squeezing as hard as you can. Like this will drain and intoxicates most of the water, and drying or heating the wire will be much faster.


Finding a small object

If you’ve lost small items at home, stud, etc., this is a great way to easily find it. The opening of the vacuum incur old tights and start cleaning. From time to time check to see if you’ve found the matter.


Increase the volume of mobile 

Put your cellphone into a bowl or deep chinija- this will produce a higher tone.


Cure for tight shoes

If your new shoes are a little tight, there is a trick to easily stretch. Put them in wet newspaper, as they collect shoes. Wait a few hours and then remove the newspapers.


Drinking more water

Each of us needs to drink more water, and this is a great way to remind yourself and them to drink water. The plastic bottle mark lines that will sign in time to the clock will have to drink water, to where the line.


Cleaning shower

Fixed shower can easily clear if you put it in the bag with water and vinegar, kjesichete tie the shower. Leave this overnight and when you remove the bag will be clean as new.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Deejay

    January 15, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    I am a Coietrvasnve Republican, but have to agree with Democrates that most people are immature morons that know how to manage their lives, or make good life choices, without some type of government oversight to limit self destructive behavior,

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