Barack Obama’s African Brother Drops BOMBSHELL, He’s Completely HUMILIATED

It can only be for so long that Obama can run away from his past. The skeletons from his closet are finally coming to get him and he no longer has the resources provided by the United States government to back him up in his lies.

Obama’s older brother, Malik Obama reveals in a shocking interview his opinion of his brother as a “dishonest” man and a “schemer.”

Prior to becoming a president, his family held the belief that Barack was actually a decent guy.

However, as soon as he stepped in office “his real character, his real personality, the real him, came out,” as Malik says.

Malik continued to explain how he and his family were pretending that everything was so great, yet in reality were very hurt and disappointed.

He talked about one particularly disturbing instance during his interview. Namely, he and his aunt Zeituni went to visit the White House several times, while Obama was still president, but they always felt unwelcome.

On one of these visits Obama’s aunt died, and when Malik tried to ask Barack for financial support to help fly her back to Africa and give her a proper burial, he refused.

Malik said : “I told him that she’s our aunt, she’s your father’s sister, she loved you very much and we need to do something for her,” continuing to recall the conversation, “We need around twenty thousand dollars and he said that was too much and that it seemed like she deserved what she got. And I was saying in my mind, ‘what kind of person is this?’”

This is too low even for him. Obama is proving more and more every day that he is hypocrite and a liar. He welcomed illegal aliens pass the borders of our country with ease, but was unwilling to support his own family members from abroad, who needed his help.

Source: ConservativeFlag

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