Clinton: Trump’s ‘obsessed’ with me because I got more votes than him

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says in a new interview that President Trump is unable to stop reliving the 2016 presidential election because she beat him in the popular vote.

In an interview with The Washington Post’s “Listen Up”  podcast, Clinton tells host Jonathan Capehart than the president is “obsessed” with her.

“Well, he’s a little obsessed with me, but I think it’s partly his own ego because he knows I got more votes and he knows that there are questions about the election that deserve answers,” Clinton said in the interview. “And he knows I’m still speaking out, I haven’t retreated under a rock somewhere.”

Trump, she argues, attacks familiar targets because much of the country viewed the last election as a battle to determine the lesser of two evils.

“It’s also part of his political strategy. It is something that he knows his hard-core supporters will respond to, and he’s trying to keep them on board,” Clinton explained. “When in trouble in the Congress or the Russian investigation, his go-to targets are President Obama and me, and African-Americans. It just is part of how he responds.”

The former secretary of State was not shy in her criticism of Trump, accusing him of attracting “people who had racial animosity, bigotry, prejudice,” to his campaign.

“I saw from the beginning of Trump’s campaign, really before, when he signed on to the ‘birther’ lie about President Obama, that he was willing to use the dog whistle to attract people who had racial animosity, bigotry, prejudice,” she said. “And throughout the campaign, he continued that. He was kind of an equal opportunity bigot.”

Clinton is currently in the midst of a multi-state book tour to promote her memoir, “What Happened,” that details her loss to Trump in the 2016 election. Despite her loss, Clinton says she still wanted her opponent to succeed initially.

“I did not wish him ill,” Clinton said. “I very clearly said let’s give him a chance and let’s hope he succeeds.

“But in the months since he’s been president, unfortunately, he’s not lived up to that promise,” she added.

Source: THE HILL

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