Donald Infiltrates Key Obama Stronghold, Slips Key Provision Into Tax Deal

Barack Obama was the worst president ever. He kept Republicans at bay for 8 years.

Not only in making policy changes to reform taxes and win the war on terror, but also to keep them out of certain geographical lands that would mean greater freedom for the American people.
Now, with just one stroke of a pen, President Donald Trump is breaking through Barack Obama’s stronghold and restoring energy independence into the United States.

On Wednesday morning, the U.S. Senate has voted to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge(ANWR) to oil and gas exploration and drilling, as it passed the Republican tax reform bill on straight party lines, 51-48. For decades, Alaska politicians have urged Congress to open the northern, coastal portion of ANWR, known as Section 1002, to fossil fuel development. Due to underground geological formations, the chance of major oil and gas discoveries is very high.

According to our source, Patriot Journal, environmental groups have opposed opening any part of ANWR to oil and gas development. They have been arguing that it would interfere with migratory wildlife and that fossil fuels cause the climate change, which warms up the Arctic. Alaska’s politicians have argued that the nations needs the resources under ANWR and that Alaska needs the jobs.

Every time that Washington seemed ready to open ANWR, it backed down. But now, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) brought the achievement  that has eluded the legendary late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK).

No one should listen what the liberals are saying. All you can her from them is lies. Preventing drilling in ANWR was not about the environment. It was about protecting foreign oil, much of which pulls the strings of globalists. If we want to be a strong country again, we need energy independence. We can’t rely on foreign oil or other resources. Our country is full of natural resources. Resources that the liberals prevented from being used.

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Source: Conservative Forever 

Featured Image Source. H/T: Patriot Journal.


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