Five signs that you’re addicted to sex

If you want sex does not mean you’re addicted to it. Sex addiction involves behavior with negative consequences for you and people in your life, or nekontroliranje sexual behavior.

Dr. Ellen Hendrix for Independent revealed several signs that show that you are addicted to sex.

1. incongruity

If your sex life coincides with everyday activities, that is in harmony with your character and daily behavior that means that you have no problems. But if sex interfere with daily activities, then you may have problems.

2. Lack of control

If you sometimes feel a very strong need for sex so that you can not control your impulses and demand immediate gratification, regardless of the possible health consequences, then you have a problem.

3. compulsive urge

For many sex addicts characteristic that meet instincts to feel less bad. If you have a sense of helplessness and lack of self-confidence without sex, then you may have problems.

4. Depending feeling

Just like drug addicts and sex addicts have a certain limit that must be reached to feel pleasure. Thus, some of them may engage in sexually risky behavior to feel the same sense as ever.

5. Dysfunction

Sexual addiction is unique in that unlike other addictions, looking for another person. This means that sex addicts use other persons subject to the satisfaction of personal needs, thus often create or dysfunctional relationships.


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