Human Meat Found In Mc Donald’s Meat Factory (VIDEO)

The last few years have been very controversial about the food they are
serves at McDonald’s.

However, you will all agree that the latest speculation about the meat has expanded with an impossible speed. Much faster than all expectations.
Namely, there is a report that contains a shocking audio recognition from a person, claiming that McDonalds uses human flesh as “stuffed” in their 100% nutritious burgers, with proven facts that McDonald’s was accused of using red meat.

This shocking report prompted food inspectors for further research. And what is even more luckier is that they reportedly found human and horse meat in the McDonald’s freezer at the Oklahoma City plant.
In addition, inspectors found human flesh in several trucks on a way to deliver burgers to fast food restaurants.
There are other reports that indicate that following McDonald’s review, as well as food restaurants all over the United States, government authorities found human meat at as much as 90% of the places, while horse meat was found at 65% of the sites.

Lloyd Harrison, an FBI agent for Hughes, said:

“Worst of all is that it’s not just human flesh, it’s meat from a child. Parts of the bodies have been found throughout the US factories and are considered too small to be parts of the body of adults. This is really terrible.”
When it comes to cannibalism, it was created thousands of years ago.
In fact, today there are several tribes that are further practiced as a cultural cult.


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