Michael Savage: ‘Trump Has To Arrest Nancy Pelosi, He Must Build The Wall And Deport All The…’ (VIDEO)

Reacting to the not-guilty decision passed on, in the case of an illegal alien who admitted to shooting Kate Steinle, top rated author and radio moderator Michael Savage required for the arrest of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

He stated President Trump must send government troops into San Francisco in a Periscope video posted Thursday night. Here is what he excatly said:

“I am unable to tell you the level of my disgust with Nancy Pelosi, with the whole illiberal criminal establishment,” he expressed.

“I think they should be arrested for what they’ve done. They killed this young woman.”

And then he added: “Not only was this illegal alien piece of sh*t not found guilty for murder, but this illegal alien piece of sh*t, who has been deported five times, was not even found guilty of manslaughter.”

If you didn’t know, Jose Garcia Zarate was discovered guilty on a charge of lawful offense ownership of a weapon and faces a most extreme sentence of three years.

“So, let me ask all you good progressives a question,” Savage included“What if, God forbid, a white man had shot a Mexican woman to death, and he was not found guilty on any charge?”

“I want to ask you what would have happened in the streets of this sick, disgusting, degenerate city that I live in?”

“The raw sewage of Nancy Pelosi filthy mouth, the raw sewage of this filthy city,” Savage insisted, ‘the raw sewage will be stopped!’

Savage portrayed Steinle’s murder as being gang-related and droned: “Build that wall, deport them all.”

Check the full video posted on his twitter account below:



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