Pop Star Miley Cyrus: ‘Trump Supporters Are Hurting My Career, If This Continues I’m Gonna Move To…’

Pop star Miley Cyrus, who voted for Hillary Clinton, stated that the Democratic candidate lost the election “in light of the fact that the system is f***ed up.”

“I went truly tough amid the race,” the “We Can’t Stop” singer says in a meeting for Billboard, referencing Clinton’s triumph in the popular vote.

“Be that as it may, toward the day’s end, we lost. We won, but since the system is f***ed up, we lost. I thought, ‘alright. I took in my lesson on this one.” Cyrus stated.

She had this to say about Trump fans: “Be that as it may, don’t Trump supporters like the way they think? So I’ve additionally got the chance to open up to the way I approach individuals with my conclusions. That is the best way to roll out genuine improvement.”

Last March, Cyrus, promised to leave the United States if Donald Trump won the election. “Truly f*** this crap I am moving if this is my leader!” Cyrus posted on Instagram. Months after the fact, she called Sanders fans who declined to vote in favor of Clinton “f***ing insane.”

However then she changed her mind and stayed. In the meeting with Billboard, Cyrus reacted to critics who asked her why she didn’t fulfil her promise to move out of the country: “It’s not time for me to leave now, man. I must be here. I must put this place back together, in light of the fact that I’m from Tennessee — that state [went to] Donald Trump.”

“I’m such a visionary, and I know a considerable measure of things that I’ve needed to do individuals said weren’t conceivable,” the LGBT lobbyist stated.

The worldwide pop symbol intends to get “very political” with her new music album, “Younger Now,” which includes a song called “Inspired” which she devoted to Hillary Clinton, her political idol. Miley stated that she’s battling for “equality” and “justice” not “hate” and “walls.”

 However she is not satisfied about her current career status and she is blaming Trump supporters for that. She is not one of the top-selling artists anymore and she is convinced that Trump fans have something to do with that. She stated: “I’m sure that they have something to do with this. The amount of hate that I receive is unbelievable. If this continues I’m gonna leave the US and go to Australia or wherever. I swear. At least while Trump is here. He’s not my President.”
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