Ten things in the bedroom that sabotage sex life

Problems in the bedroom are not always caused by the relationship between two people.It can affect different factors such as poor light set or mobile phone.

Read things that can impair sex and “kill” the atmosphere:

1. Mobile phones

Leave your mobile before bedtime. Commit to the person you share a bed instead of surfing and answering emails.

2. Television

If you want a beautiful atmosphere in the bedroom, leave the TV in the living room. TV in the bedroom can make you look into a movie, and a place to enjoy with your partner or your partner, you will fall asleep watching the movie.

3. Dirty linen 

This is not pleasant and sexy, especially if you are alone and want to build a serious relationship.

4. Cup second-hand clothes

Except that does not smell nice clothes standing on the furniture in the bedroom just it gives a picture of irregularity, and it can be very repulsive to anyone you want to develop intimacy.

5. Inadequate color

A study conducted in the UK showed that people who have gray in the bedroom have sex najneredoven. Sex usually took place in those with purple walls.

6. Traces of former partner

Any traces of life with the former partner / kg may be repulsive and kill sexual desire, especially if they see potential new boyfriend and new girlfriend.

7. Unpleasant odors

If the room smells bad, the chances of sex are almost none. Because sweat is always room to be ventilated, smell nice and have fresh linens.

8. Incorrect work of bedside

It would not be pleasant if we come home with a new girlfriend, and she had seen a picture of your mother on the shelf next to the bed. Make your bedroom to be so perfect for relaxation without things that can distract.

9. Bad Art

Place annoying lifes and tapestries, select pictures with something more modern and motifs that create a good feeling in the viewer.

10. Tubes

Lights neither pleasant, nor anything look beautiful in their light, nor can it nice to watch. Select a warmer light that can be further reduced in order to beautify the atmosphere.


1 Comment

1 Comment

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