Useful tips: Winter care of your vehicle – laundering is most important right now!

Whenever the weather is bad, as drivers automatically cease to think that you should clean his car, believing that he simply grip does not pay because the car the next day will be re unclean. But this view is completely wrong. Here’s why …

In fact, the car is not washed just outside look clean! It’s just one of the effects of washing, and the key objective is to remove the dirt, and not just because of aesthetics, but also due to the fact that impurities have a bad impact on many parts of the vehicle.

During the winter, the car is often crammed with much greater amounts of impurities. Moreover, in the summer this is mostly dust, or possibly mud, while in winter vehicles are covered with dust stuck, whereby the inaccessible and the parts that do not see, lies a veritable treasure trove of unishtiteli vehicle.

The worst effect of all “winter dirt” there is industrial salt which is poured into the streets. It has such a composition, if longer keep karoseriskite parts and undercarriage, can easily cause corrosion or decay of these parts of the vehicle – and when will perform corrosion, it can cause many other serious problems – not only esthetical.

And it is one of the best ways to prevent corrosion to attack our car is regularly washed undercarriage during the winter and thus not allowing industrial salt longer to keep this part of the vehicle. Perfect would be to wash the car once a week during the winter, but if you too much expense or obligation which hardly could realize, extract while washing at least once in two weeks.

You should know that …

Salt best and fastest is removed with hot water, which immediately dissolved. Think of these impurities incur virtually anywhere, so pay special attention to areas around the wheels. Ideally laundering doing the laundry, because there easiest to do extensive washing the car.

Apart from industrial salt during the winter, the streets and poured sand and small pebbles which also remain trapped in parts of the vehicle. They can damage paint and varnish of the car, in the winter causing further spread of corrosion and further corrosion limarijata.

During this period and the mud is certainly impending vehicles, especially around the wheel. And besides, it looks ugly, it affects the security, because the wheels can prolizgaat after passing through the water. The mud on the wheels and significantly prolongs the way of braking. So do not let the impurities affect your driving skills, but mostly during the winter often wash the car.


1. adhering dust fastest removed with soap and water under pressure.

2. Regularly clean the industrial salt that is put in the undercarriage, otherwise corrosion will soon attack the car.

3. Well wash the wheels and wheel arches as it is here to collect most of the dirt from the road.

4. The rubber floor mats regularly maintain them and below them you can set that newspapers will absorb excess moisture during the winter.

5. The application of wax will protect the paint and varnish from external influences, and the easier it will “run away” water and impurities from the body.

6. The only way to see everything and to drive safe and to keep the glass clean. And that applies to all windows, not just the front windshield!

7. After washing, good wipe mirrors with a dry cloth, as drops of water would have dried here and not left a trace.

8. If certain parts are caused glycerin, know that this procedure will have to repeat after washing the car.


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